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Heritage Family Medicine
1878 Jeff Road
Suite G
Huntsville, AL 35806
(2nd Floor)
256.325.4365 office
256.461.0393 fax

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Heritage Family Medicine offers a wide range of medical services in the Primary Care arena.

Well baby and routine illness care, immunizations


Annual school and sports physicals, routine illnesses, school problems


Healthy lifestyle and nutrition education, sports and school physicals, and routine care, acne care

Young Adults

Health maintenance services, physicals and sick care


Wellness care/routine physicals to disease management, gynecological care, weight loss and exercise counseling


Care management, nursing home, and hospice care, home visits when needed

It is impossible to list all diseases, which we treat. Some of the most common are listed below. Most illness can be assessed and managed in the Primary Care Office. For cases that are more complex, we are able to evaluate and manage with the assistance and consulting of specialists from the appropriate field.

Hypertension Arthritis
High Cholesterol Pneumonia
Diabetes Bronchitis
Heart Disease Bladder and Kidney Infections
Asthma Depression and Anxiety
Allergies Smoking Cessation
Muscle and skeletal injuries Lyme disease
Skin Growths Heartburn

Heritage Family Medicine, Madison, AL - Primary Medical Care for families in Madison and Huntsville, Al.